Ralph E. Godbolt is committed to expanding the voices of the voiceless, increasing the high school and college graduation rates of marginalized communities and making academic based research, not only accessible, but culturally relevant to diverse groups of students, faculty and staff across the country.

The Hip Hop Academic:

Ralph Godbolt believes that the way to achieve cultural diversity is to embrace non-traditional ways of learning, researching and teaching. As a “hip hop scholar,” Godbolt uses the unique voices of the hip hop generation as a means to engage learners in academic based conversations in the fields of American Studies, African American Studies, sociology, psychology, literature and criminal justice. Godbolt has used his research on hip hop culture to lecture on topics such as community engagement, self-empowerment, mental health and healthy relationships.

Community Empowerment:

Ralph Godbolt has worked to uplift communities, empower youth and families and challenge public policies that serves to oppress instead of inspire. As the founder, President and CEO of Helping to Inspire Positive and Healthy Opportunities for Progress Inc. (HIP HOP Inc.), a youth development organization, Godbolt developed and implemented programs and activities designed to reduce the number of youth to drop out of high school. As the former Director of Special Olympics Philadelphia, Ralph worked to increase services to low income individuals with intellectual disabilities. As the former CEO of the COLOURS Organization, an organization focused on the unique needs of the LGBTQA community, Godbolt worked to promote equity and equality.  

Access and Retention:

Ralph Godbolt believes that members of underrepresented communities not only deserve access to higher education, they deserve the support that will lead to success from day one until graduation. As the Director of Access and Success at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Godbolt developed and implemented the Emerging Scholars Program, a research based, intensive academic support and intrusive advising program. Participants of the Emerging Scholars Program are more likely to demonstrate an increase in academic performance, an increase in first to second year retention rates and a stronger connection to the university.

As Director of Access and Success, Godbolt has played a lead role in developing and implementing programs focused on supporting students with housing and food insecurity. Godbolt has also developed and implemented the Out of the Classroom: Into the Community Initiative, a program that engages students in intensive community service projects in inner-city communities. In addition, Godbolt has advocated for increased services to support the mental health needs of students. Godbolt understands that mental health impacts academic performance.  

Ralph E. Godbolt...In Action!

Ralph E. Godbolt, developed and implemented the Out of the Classroom; Into the Community Initiative. A program disgened to engage college students in intensive community engagement opportunities focused on low income urban communities. #engagementimpactsretention

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